Before I fell in love with writing and drumming, I fell head over heels for drawing. As a little kid, I relentlessly drew the things I liked: Astro Boy; Dick, Jane and Sally; turtles. In school, I gravitated to the yearbook art staff. In college, I discovered figure drawing, which I still love. Here’s a piece I wrote about it for Salon: "The Naked Truth About Nude Art Modeling.”

My dad encouraged me when I was growing up; I think he hoped I’d become a graphic designer or illustrator. But ultimately it became a beloved avocation. I also enjoy taking iPhone pics—can’t beat the instant gratification. Some are for sale on Stockimo.

The best part of creating visual art? For me it’s the tweaking, erasing and cropping. Like editing and revising in writing, it’s about polishing your work to a seamless shine.

I was honored that one of my pastel drawings was published in the Winter 2023 issue of Persimmon Tree Magazine. I may add more of my artwork here. Stay tuned…

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